vlekks makes it different. So. Perky use of mixed materials and techniques results in dito work.

Photo's hardly do the (physical) strength justice. The freshness and brightness of the colors, smooth glossy surface, the rawness and hidden structures excite the curiosity of the viewer. Seeing it makes you want to touch it.


Recent work

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Concrete, epoxy. 65*65 cm. (2018)

Portable hole

concrete, epoxy, steel, acrylic. 85*85cm. 30kg. (2017) €1500,-

portable hole

epoxy, concrete, steel. 21kg. (2018) €1400,-

Portable hole

epoxy, sand, stones, straws, moss. 85*85cm. 17kg. (2018) €1750,-

Portable hole

concrete, epoxy, sand, stone, rubber boots. 85*85cm. 23kg. (2018) €2500,-

portable hole

concrete, bitumen, epoxy on wood. 180x60 cm. € 1200,-

silicone tooth

bitumen, epoxy, silicone kit, concrete, sand, acrylic on wood 100*130 cm. € 1500,- (2017)

silicone teeth

Bitumen, concrete, epoxy, silicone kit, sand, acrylic. 120*85 cm. € 899,- (2017)

silicone teeth

Bitumen, concrete, epoxy, glass beads, silicone kit, sand. 100*100 cm. € 800,- (2017)


concrete, epoxy, sand, acrylic on wood (110*98 cm, 28 kg) € 1300,-

King of the world

Bitumen, concrete, epoxy, glass beads, acrylic on wood . 100*75 cm. € 750,-

king of the world

concrete, bitumen, glass beads, epoxy on wood. 100*75 cm. (2018) €750.-

Schizophrenia 1

bitumen, acrylic, epoxy, sand on wood, 90x60 cm. € 650,-

Perfect imperfection

bitumen, epoxy, grass, acrylic, sand on wood. 106 x 75 cm € 900,- Limited edition no. 2 of 5

Blue girl

bitumen, acrylic, epoxy, aluminumfoil on wood, 90x65 cm. € 500,- Limited edition no. 3 of 5