what it is

In the search of redefining space vlekks works from within the idea that everything can be paint. A traditional painter in a fascinating modern world full of new possibilities, materials, techniques and structures.

Everything that has an interesting shape, color and structure is useful, as long as it is of added value to the image and feel that has to be expressed in a work. The consequently non-everyday use of materials and techniques results in sometimes colorful, sometimes raw objects with a lot of contrasts and an entirely unique character. Seeing it makes you want to touch it (and you can!).

Briefly, the work consists of bringing together different layers and materials (such as concrete, bitumen, grass and silicone), which are subsequently partially poured into epoxy resin. The unorthodox use of material forces to a layered way of thinking. There is a constant awareness of what is going on, and well thought-out choices must be made in advance because there is no way back.

vlekks' work is not about personal expression or to proclaim an opinion. With always as a base classic painting themes like space and light, there is the urge to create objects that stand alone, which have their own space and identity, but also have room for interpretation, and to be a mirror for yourself or the world around you.